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(no subject)

I did a write up but it's very brief and waffle

Another report
Hijinks Ensue
My Olympus 2012 report is here.

What I did this Easter.
Have posted another Con report for your viewing pleasure.

Streaming Videos
Is it/will it be possible to view the videos streamed from the con now it is over, please? I'd really like to watch some of the items I missed.

Elite coincidence?
marcus 2013
One of the panels at Eastercon (and my mind has gone blank on which it was) mentioned Rob Holdstock's novella which accompanied the computer game Elite.

sbisson has found it on a web site belonging to Ian Bell, one of the creators of Elite:


The site also includes links to versions of Elite for a wide range of platforms


Con Reports!
If you have them and are happy to share, we would like to see them! Please link here.

Thank you!

2012 Hugo nominations
Doctor Who wins three Hugo nominations:

2012 Hugo nominations

Win knitted Dr Who goodies
Thanks to Tracey, we have three knitted Dr Who prizes to give away in the raffle at Eastercon - a knitted dalek ironside, adipose and K9.

Tickets will be on sale in the dealers room.

Close to final programme
The programme now up on the web site is close to the final programme and is basically the version that will be in the at-con printed guide:


Guidebook for Olympus
We are also very pleased to announce that in conjunction with guidebook.com we have produced a smartphone version of our program guide for you.

The application runs on Android and Apple phones with a mobile web version for web based smartphones like Blackberry and Windows Mobile.

The application features our full schedule, dealers list, Twitter feed, Facebook link, news stream and photo gallery. We will be adding a searchable list of programme participants in the next couple of days and the schedule will also be updated and kept up to date.

Android or iPhone down load the 'Guidebook' app from the Market/App store and then start the application.
Direct downloads available :
Apple : http://itunes.apple.com/us/app/guidebook/id428713847?mt=8
Android : https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.guidebook.android

Once it is running do the following:

• Click Download Guides.
• Click Redeem Code at the bottom of your screen.
• Enter olympus.
• This will download the guide, and then you can open it!

For Blackberries, Windows Phones, or other web enabled devices (including your computer):
• Open a browser and navigate to m.guidebook.com • Scroll to the bottom and click Redeem Code
• Enter olympus.